3 day digital marketing workshop






Skill Level






A 3 day workshop of digital marketing covering 10 lessons with 24 hours of training aiming to take you at another level of digital marketing skills.

Completing this course will help you:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Learning WordPress
  • Understanding nitti gritties of SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, Instagram marketing & Twitter Marketing
  • Certificate of Completion

Who is the course for?

This workshop is for amateurs in digital marketing and with this workshop we intend to make rasie your skills to another level.

Learning Path

  1. Demystifying Digital Marketing
  2. Evolution of Digital Marketing
  3. Introduction to Digital Marketing Tools
  1. HTML VS WordPress.com VS WordPress.ORG vs WIX
  2. How to obtain a domain?
  3. WordPress Installation
  4. How to verify WHO IS Information?
  5. How to choose correct WordPress Theme
  6. How to obtain a premium wordpress theme?
  7. How to add a premium wordpress theme?
  8. How to add pages, post, menus, widgets
  9. Improve WordPress with Security Plugins
  1. Introduction to SEO
  2. An overview of SEO
  3. 5 SEO metrics to measure performance
  4. How to SEO optimise your homepage?
  5. Verify business in Google Search Console
  6. Improve website speed 
  7. How to take Google mobile-friendly test?
  8. Keyword research & strategy
  9. Image SEO
  10. Content optimisation
  11. Types of backlinks
  12. How to get backlinks?
  13. Maximise links  for your SEO Campaigns
  1. Why Facebook marketing?
  2. Facebook page setup
  3. FB Aesthetics Optimisation
  4. Write content for FB page
  5. What to Post?
  6. Tactics to get FB Likes
  7. The secret way to get FB Likes
  8. Boost FB Likes
  9. FB Groups
  10. FB Competitions
  11. Use FB Live
  12. FB Comments and Reviews
  13. FB Insights
  14. Manage Multiple FB Pages
  1. Twitter Profile Setup
  2. Accounts to follow
  3. Profile Optimisation
  4. Twitter Features
  5. What to Post?
  7. Hashtags
  8. Polls
  9. Pinned Tweets
  10. Customer Acquisition
  11. Twitter @Mention Influencers
  12. Twitter on your website
  13. Twitter analytics
  1. Introduction to Google ADS
  2. Why Google Ads and How does it works?
  3. Analyze your ppc competition
  4. Google AD Account setup
  5. Select the right campaign type
  6. Bidding strategy
  7. Targeting the Right Audience and Advanced Campaign Setting
  8. How to choose profitable keywords?
  9. Campaign creation
  1. Introduction to Google Analytics
  2. Google Analytics Account Setup
  3. Installing Tracking Code
  4. Adding filters to remove internal traffic
  5. Navigating google analytics
  6. Reporting tools for google analytics
  7. Analyze real time, Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour reports
  8. Creating campaign and Tagging them
  9. Configure goals
  10. Setup custom alerts
  1. Linkedin Account Setup & Optimisation
  2. Linkedin Connections Hack
  3. Linkedin InMail Hacker
  4. Linkedin Viral Posts
  5. Linkedin Blog Traffic
  6. Linkedin Groups
  7. Linkedin Company Page Setup
  1. Instagram Account Setup
  2. Follow These Instagram Accounts
  3. Instagram Profile Image
  4. Instagram Bio
  5. Instagram Content Creation
  6. Instagram Reposting
  7. Instagram Followers Hack
  8. Instagram Hashtags
  9. Instagram Stories
  10. Instagram Followers Tool (Free)
  11. Instagram @Mention Influencers
  12. Instagram Spam
  13. Instagram Analytics
  14. Shopping on Instagram (New Feature)
  1. Youtube Marketing Overview
  2. Youtube Strategy
  3. Find Ideas for Videos with competitor analysis
  4. Find Ideas for Videos with keyword research
  5. Account Setup
  6. Youtube Account Optimisation
  7. Youtube Banner Creation
  8. Youtube Tags

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